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Maybe you love science fiction for the strong characters. Movies based on classic comics, like Superman, Batman and Spiderman delve into conflicts that we all can relate to. They go beyond simple good vs evil, and still manage to entertain with great action sequences and special effects. Both great reasons to go to the movies.

Sci fi also brings us great stories and even social commentary. Many of the classic films from the 50s and 60s, like "Dr. Strangelove" use science fiction as a medium for talking about the issues of the day in an entertaining, but often frightening way. Not only does sci fi do that, but movies like "Forbidden Planet" update Shakespeare into something totally new and exciting.

Shakespeare aside, don't we all enjoy the guilty pleasure of pulpy sci fi movies that are more effects than story? Disaster films, B movies and the like follow the conventions of sci fi, but turn into something closer to comedy. Who hasn't enjoyed these films, so bad that they're good? Mystery Science Theater 3000 anyone?

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Science fiction movies entertain with suspense, comedy, great stories and actors, so the only question is, how can we enjoy more of them? Before you go illegally download some movies, consider movie posters. Cheaper than expensive DVD sets, movie posters let you relive your favorite movies and characters every day.

Transform your room into a Star Wars shrine with posters from the original and the new trilogies. Enjoy scenes from your favorite light saber battles, or just maybe a little close up action of Han Solo. You could decorate your room with classic posters from the golden age of sci fi. Combine posters for "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman," "Them" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and give your room a real retro feel. If you want something more sophisticated, try framing a poster from "Metropolis," widely considered the first science fiction film. "Metropolis" posters, with their Art Deco style are truly a work of art that still gives your room an edge.

From the classics to the cult films, to the movies that haven't even been released yet, science fiction is a genre that always keeps us guessing. With space westerns, horror, superheros, new worlds and "The Lost World," we get something new every time. Keep enjoying your favorites long after you've left the theater or put the DVD back in its case.

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