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Movie Poster Restoration

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Learn how to care for and repair your investment
with Movie Poster Restoration

When it comes to movie poster restoration it is important to use skilled artisans who know how to make undetectable repairs on your stained, ripped, torn, creased, discolored or ragged edged posters. Yes, valuable posters do come defects. Experts can repair these problematic conditions and even restore missing sections to their original condition.

Each movie restoration studio have various expertise, some better than others. Some are linen backers (people how know how to back your poster with a linen fabric). Others who repair bleed-throughs. You will want the studio to have a PROFESSIONAL EXPERT who can fix the problem(s) of your poster. The following issues do not usually impact the value of a poster if it occurs on the border.

There are movie poster restoration experts for each of the following challenges...

  • Marks
    Writing on the poster done with any writing device.

  • Stains
    Oils, Water, various liquids, dirt, that are spilled or imbedded into the poster are considered stains.

  • Tape
    Marks from Scotch tape to masking tape to duct tape ... all kinds of tape are usually used on a poster. Most tapes are acid base. When used on a poster it eats away at the paper. This can be repaired by an expert.

  • Tears
    When a part of the poster separates from the remainder of the poster then a tear occurs. This often times happens in a fold where pressure has been applied. Some tears can be repaired.
  • Bleed-Throughs / See-Throughs
    When you can see from the front of the poster marks or stains that are on the back of the posters and have been absorbed into the paper it is a bleed-through.

    When stains, marks, writing or tape marks are on the back of the poster but have not been absorbed into the paper it is a see-through. You can usually see this condition from the front of the poster when it is held up to a light.

  • Creases and Wrinkles
    Creases go deep into the paper and usually leaves a white line. Wrinkles usually do not leave white marks or take away the color.

  • Fading
    Fading occurs When the poster looses it color. It can be repaired by the movie poster restoration expert who actually paints the detail back into the poster. Before you repair the fading see if it is worth the cost. This will be determine by the extent of the damage. Some fading diminishes the value of the poster.

  • Drill Holes
    When posters are ordered by theaters to be hung on a old building, they are drilled at the printers. A professional movie poster restoration expert can replace the paper and paint over the hole. Again, this can be expensive. Do your classic movie posters or vintage movie posters warrant the expense?

  • Holes
    When a part of the paper is missing or torn away from the poster then there is a hole.

  • Trimming
    You will find that many people cut away the border of the poster. This does affect the value and can be repaired by backing the poster with a linen border.

Go into the studio and look at their work. The best source of referrals is from your local art institute. Get recommendations from others. Ask a lot of questions... especially about what kind of experts they have in their studio, how many, cost of repairs, what process they are going to use to repair your poster, and when the job will be completed.

Especially if you have a valuable poster, make sure that they have been in business for a while, check out their rating from the Better Business Bureau. Also, on the receipt have a guarantee that you get YOUR poster back intacked or the cost of the poster - and put the cost in writing on the receipt. Have the owner or the manager sign the receipt. Take a digital picture of your poster before leaving it anywhere so you can see in detail the condition of the poster. There are too many problematic and deceptive studios in the movie poster restoration business.

Don't let these precautions scare you off. An expert movie poster restoration expert can really improve your poster's condition. If you cannot find a resource, The American Institute of Conservation in Washington D.C. is an excellent resource.

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