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Do you like to collect Hollywood movie posters of actors?

People collect Hollywood movie posters of actors for various reasons. Maybe you're a fan of a particular actor? Someone that you admire? Someone that you would like to look like? Or are you a teenager who likes to hang posters on your wall of your favorite movie star idol?

A Fact: Teenagers make up the majority of Hollywood movie poster collectors of actors and actresses.

Many adults collect movie posters of actors. It's similar to having a stamp or baseball collection. Some put them in a file while others hang them on the wall as decorations.

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For many adults collecting Hollywood movie posters of actors and actresses is a hobby. They make sure they keep their posters safe by following the principles of poster preservation so that the poster's value holds or increases. Others like to hang their posters to decorate their home. They consider the poster a work of art.

Who is going to be the next Clark Gable, James Dean, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Sylvester Stallone? If you could only see into the future your poster collection would be worth a fortune! The next best thing is to collect Hollywood movie posters of actors that you admire. Then you will enjoy your collection.

More Than Just Puppy Love
First, allow me to say that George Clooney is one of most sophisticated actors I have seen on the big screen (not that Anthony Hopkins in a straitjacket isn't as smooth as George Clooney).

Like me, most American women like hanging pictures or posters of actors because they are an essential part of our lives. That is why movie posters of actors can be seen hanging in the rooms of teenage girls to women of all ages. In fact, my eighty-year-old tutor has a framed picture of Cary Grant in her house that she is very proud of.

However, admiration is not the only reason why one should collect movie posters of actors. Respect for the work they have done is another reason why one should begin collecting movie posters on actors.

Many actors have portrayed themselves in movies as different characters with absolutely different personalities. That is why their work is very memorable. Their versatility and ability to play their characters so well is why the character is brought to life and the reasons why we respect them.

By collecting the posters of actors, not only do you have a chance for your collection to be of value in the future, you can also look upon your movie posters with a proud eye!

Do you also collect movie star posters of actresses?

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